Thursday, August 31, 2006

Happy Birthday John

3 years old

I grew up with all sisters (7 girls all in a row.) Then I got married young and had girls of my own (3 in a row.) I like girls. I know how girls work. I am a girl. I did marry a boy, but he is often a mystery to me. When baby #4 was born and we had to quick think of a boy name, a whole new world was opened to me.

It started with blue. At the birth of each little girl, I would have a sweet load of pink laundry to wash and fold. Not so with a boy - the "in" color for a boy is BLUE, if you are wondering. And if you have a boy after 6 sisters and 3 daughters, your husband will get a little wierd if you decide that the pink blankie is just fine to wrap the boy baby in.

Next came trucks. Lots of truck and car toys. Then balls. And trains....

From the first time we went to church people have asked me: "is it sooooooo different to have a boy???" and mostly the answer was no. Not really. Eat, sleep, poop, repeat. Until this year, I think.

Now that John is getting big, things ARE a bit different. First, I notice that he has strong shoulders. Not that the girls are weaklings, but there is something about John's shoulders that tells me one day he will be a man.

Then, there is this thing with trains and trucks. They are so fascinating to John. At the first sound of the garbage truck, John is glued to the window to watch it do it's job. I just noticed that John's big yellow dump truck is carrying two baby dolls...oh well...

Also, and I think this is the main boy difference I can see, is that John likes to have a job to do. If he has a job he will stick to it until it is done. He likes the job of jumping off every surface in the house. He is good at that job. But his favorite job is rocks. He knows it is his special life's work to clear the world of rocks. At my sister's wedding, he could have spent the entire 5 hour reception tossing rocks into the Puget Sound. He does this job with purpose and dedication. He does not get discouraged if the rocks are a little dirty or heavy, he just digs in and does the job. He cannot walk without finding a special rock to stash in his pocket until it, too, can be tossed into some water.

This boy is getting big, and it makes me a little sad that he is not a baby any more. Oh great. Now I'm crying a little. Just a little. Now I'm done.

John just woke up and broke through the paper over his bedroom door (a strange McBride birthday tradition.) And now I need to go put a candle in some waffles for his birthday breakfast.

Happy Birthday to you....


muse said...

wonderful post
We have two boys after the three girls, and I'm glad the boys are in plural. not that you can put in orders

Mary said...

Happy Birthday little John! He looks so sweet in that picture. I'm excited to be entering the world of boys as well. Your description of John just makes me want to hug him.

Anonymous said...

Little boys are so fun! Peter had fun hanging out with John and throwing rocks. I think they displaced a lot of water that night!

Mel said...

Your son is almost exactly a year younger than my daughter. (She turned 4 on Saturday.)

I had three boys first, then a girl, and I am delighted by the differences. She's all about babies, though she does love to throw rocks in the Puget Sound, too.