Sunday, August 13, 2006

I am so sore

Is it because I ran a record 7 miles yesterday morning?


Is it because I have been chasing Emily around the parking lot, helping her learn how to ride a bike?


Have I decided to lift weights?


It is the stinkin' violin's fault that I am so sore.

My sister is getting married, and asked me if I would play a few songs as mood music, while people get seated. So I pulled out my violin and have been trying to dust off a few songs.

That violin is kicking my butt. My left arm is sore and cramping up. My left fingers are having a difficult time typing, and my finger tips are black from the strings. My back is a little sore, too.

And I still sound squeeky.

Hannah has been cracking me up with practicing tips. She is a strict teacher. (That doesn't sound like forte to me...)

I pulled out my Suzuki music and found that book 5 songs are impossible, Book 4 is scary, and most of Book 3 is way too hard. I found a couple songs in Book 2 and a song or two in Book 3 that I think I may be able to play. I stink. Do you think Sarah will mind if I just play Twinkles? (California Sunshine - California Sunshine)

Looking back at the years of music lessons that I did NOT appreciate, I can see that even though I was a complete practicing slacker, I still somehow learned so much! Thanks, mom, for making me keep playing, even though I must have embarrassed you at lessons when I had obviously not practiced. Remember the time I fainted?

And even though the mysterious muscles on my forearm are sore, I am really enjoying playing the violin. I love the violin. I want to be able to really play it. I think I need to get a job so I can afford to pay for lessons for myself. Or maybe I will make the girls quit the piano (they gripe about practicing anyway) and use that money on myself! (insert evil laugh)


Mary said...

7 miles!! Are you going to meet your goal of a 1/2 marathon this summer? That's awesome.

Hmm...I guess Sarah remembers my sad performance at Laurie's wedding and avoided asking me to play violin too, waha! It's funny how sore you are after practicing, I remember feeling that way after not playing much during summers off. Who knew violins could be so tiring?

Batya said...

good luck
It's hard to get those muscles back.