Tuesday, June 13, 2006

We're in the Army Now

Nathan volunteered for an ALO tour (I'm not really sure what ALO means, but it is something like Army Liason Officer which means he will be working on the ground with the Army) We have been waiting on pins and needles to find out if we were getting this new assignment. Finally, after three weeks, Nathan was called into his commander's office and was given his orders. (To be honest I don't think he actually has printed orders, which means this could still change, but..) We are heading to Hawaii!

Nathan will be working with an Army light infantry division (or something like that) for two years. He'll still be in the Air Force, but we will be living on an Army base. We had hoped to be able to go to Germany, but Hawaii sounds much more exotic than Louisianna.

We don't know when we will move, and it could be a year before we actually go, but it is a relief to finally have an assignment.

Won't Sydney look cute on a surf board?


muse said...

Great! That should be fun! Get lots of sun screen!

Mary said...

Wowee! I'm so excited for you guys. Does being an ALO make it so Nate will have to be deployed again? I hope not. How long is that assignment? Is this a job Nathan was hoping for? Can we visit? So many important questions!

Syd would definitely be cute on a surfboard :)

wendy said...

A few answers: Yes, Nathan will probably deploy with these guys. Nathan is excited about this job, and he asked for it. And yes you can come visit us. We will be there for 2 years.

texasblu said...

WOW - Hawaii!

I'll miss your posts about the snow, but can't wait to see the pics you post from the Aloha State... which island will you be on? Or did you post that already and my eyes skipped over? It's getting late.... lol!

Donna Boucher said...

Oh lucky you!!!

I love it there!!!

It even smells good there!

Jody said...

Oh! Shut up!!! How awesome is that!

Yes, you must get some boards!

Which island will you be on. Oahu?

wendy said...

Yep, we will be on Oahu. Maybe we will get a couple surf boards for Christmas!