Monday, June 12, 2006

We went to Storybook Island this morning. It is a free city park with lots of fun nursery rhyme themed buildings and statues. They also offer 3 free plays a day through the summer. We were only there for short time while Hannah was at her flute class, so we weren't able to see a play, but we enjoyed running around the park.

Cinderella at Storybook Island

We went into Peter's Pumpkin, and the 3 Little Pigs' home. We climbed on Little Engine #9 and crossed the bridge to the other side with the 3 Billy Goats Gruff. We climbed a tower and even went down a slide through an ice cream cone.

I noticed a man painting the wheel of the train, and I was suprised to see that he was wearing a bright orange shirt with "INMATE" printed on the back. I saw a few more inmates working around the park to get it in tip-top shape for the summer, and I thought: at least they are easy to spot in their bright orange shirts. Then I looked down and noticed that I, too, was wearing a bright orange shirt! Hmmm.

Luckily my orange shirt had a little more style than the inmates', and there was nothing printed on the back, but I still felt a little silly.


Mary said...

What a cool park! That's in your town? I love that you got to interract with the nursery rhymes, that will make them unforgettable for the kids!

Anonymous said...

Wendy, glad they let you off for good behavior! Sounds like a fun park.

Mary said...

p.s. The orange shirt/inmate thing cracked me up. Not what you'd normally expect to see at a children's park. Glad they didn't think you were one of them!

texasblu said...

Sound like lots of fun!