Tuesday, June 06, 2006

12 years old

2 years old

4 years old

5 years old

7 years old

8 years old -eating the same cake she had this year!

9 year old cow girl

Han and Sam

Grampie and Han (10)

She only wishes she could make the crazy McBride face (11)


Happy Birthday Hannah!


muse said...

Such a wonderful album of your daughter. You should all be blessed.

Jody said...

Happy Birthday Hannah!

She is beautiful!

Donna Boucher said...

She is absolutely darling and doesn't remind me a bit of Damien!

Happy day to your sweetie!

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday Hannah, dear! Wowza 12 years old, how did that happen? We can't wait to see you in a couple of months!
auntie Heather

Mary said...

Oh, that first picture of 2-year-old Hannah almost made me cry. It's hard to believe she isn't so little anymore. She is such a cutie and always has been! Our very first niece... Hannah is growing up so beautifully!

texasblu said...

Darling way to show her off! She's not so little anymore - YW here she comes! Does she get to go to camp? My 12 yr. old is just DYING.... she's that excited!

Hope she had a great 12th birthday! :)