Monday, September 19, 2005

I don't wanna

Nathan's parents are on their way to our house, they should get here tonight. They are bringing Grandma and our nephew Matt. I am really excited to see everyone, but I am grouchy and I do not feel like cleaning. It is 11am and the kitchen is clean, the sheets are out hanging on the line and the library books are all stacked and ready to head back this afternoon. I still need to dust, vacuum, window/mirror clean, and do more laundry. But I just don't want to. Waaaaaa. The house doesn't look bad, and those few little chores will take less than an hour (if you don't count the laundry - which is never ending.) I am avoiding my work by blogging instead.

Get to work.
Get off the computer.
Stop thinking about a nap.

Here's what I'm going to do. I am going to post this, then I am going to set my timer and work for 30 minutes, then I will fix lunch, then check back here to see if any *elephants are hanging out at the water cooler. *Emily and I saw 2 elephants at the pond this morning!


Mary said...

Laundry is feeling unending here as well, and there are so few of us compared to your brood. Do you have plans for your visitors? You've peaked my interest in Pete's pond, I will have to check that out!

Laurie said...

Oh don't I know the feeling!

texasblu said...

lol - another post about laundry. I think it's a conspiracy!

muse said...

Been there...
Instead of a timer, put on some cheerful music and whistle while you work!