Thursday, September 29, 2005


We had our first frost last night. The grass was crisp this morning, and I needed hat during my morning jog. Hurray! Autumn is here.

John is sick, sick, sick. I wonder who will be next... I have been wiping down door knobs and walls and bathrooms with lysol, so hopefully we can stop this yucky germ.

Emily loves when I read to her, but she especially loves when she can read along. We have a few Rebus stories, and she was so excited to see that this month's friend has a rebus story, too. Enchanted learning has lots of rebus rhymes, too.

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Mary said...

It is finally cooling down here a bit too! Leaves have already begun to change, but until 2 days ago, it was still muggy and hot. I love it when it is cool enough to crunch leaves, think about buying pumpkins, and sleep under a heavy quilt!

I hope John feels better soon! Has anyone else gotten sick yet? I have the snottiest cold ever, perhaps he has one too?