Thursday, November 18, 2004


We have company coming into town next week (yes? Laurie? still coming?) and I thought I should let them know what to expect. I think the last time they visited we just had 2 kids and we were in Florida. Double the kids. Double the fun!

Fun x 4

Emily and Sydney don't like to flush the toilet. I don't know why. (last night, though, Sydney told me that she flushed Hannah's toothbrush down the toilet- why?why? Hope the toilet is working when you come.)

John does not sleep through the night. He generally needs to rock at about 11pm and 5am, and sometimes even at 3am. His bedroom is just above Hannah's room (where you will be sleeping.) I don't generally let him cry, but chances are you will hear me walking around.

Sam the dog is a little calmer than the last time you saw him (at Mom and Dad's house) but he is bigger and has more hair. It is not shedding season, but he still loses lots of hair. I find it everywhere. yuck.

Our Dog Sam

Sam is good when just our family is home, but he gets really friendly when we have company. He also likes balls of yarn. We will let him play outside as much as possible, but be careful with your yarn.

Sam stinks.

John is amazing at finding Sams food and throwing it all around while snacking on it.


Hannah will do her best to fill you in on all private, embarrassing stories about me. Don't believe her. It wasn't me.

My oven is a little crazy, so if the Turkey burns, it is not my fault.

This house can go from clean and organized to trash heap in about 2 minutes.

We have had lovely weather in the 60's this week, extended forcast says a chance of snow this weekend, then nice next week, temps in the 40's and 50's. Maybe snow later next week.

Hmm, have I forgotten anything? I hope the drive is nice. Can't wait to see you.

Progam Update
The program was very nice. My worries about the kids sitting near me were well founded, but I managed to talk (begged, pleaded, bribed) the teacher into sitting with her class. The little boy next to me kept getting his cowboy boot stuck in the fun chairs. His sister danced along with each song - spinning, twirling, falling down. The little boys in the very front were pretending they were bees, buzzing and stinging each other. Maybe Sunbeams should sit toward the back next year. I kept thinking I was losing control of my face - did I look a little stressed out? or calm and in control? haha! The kids did a great job. No one yelled into the microphone until after the closing prayer. Only two kids totally froze and wouldn't say anything. I am just relieved that it is over, for this year.

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muse said...

Sounds like fun. I miss those busy days.