Sunday, November 07, 2004

To Do...

yup, here's the list:

Make "thank you" primary book
*Shop for Nursery Toys - very fun! Emily is playing with the big legos and picnic dishes until we take them to church later this week.
Arrange nursery leader meeting
Cover Hannah's cork-board
Say No
Plan something fun for long weekend
Finish up dresser
--Go to self-help for painting stuff - self-help is closed this week because of an exercise on base, and Veteran's Day. Bummer.
Paint bunkbeds
--Hang cheapo metal shelves - must wait until next week, when self-help store is open
(can I use your drill, Nathan?)
Keep the laundry going
Exercise daily (and I mean it)
Plan meals - follow plan!

That should do it.

By the way, tomorrow is library day, and after I grovel and shell out some cash for the destroyed cassette tape (thanks John), I really want to find a few books for me. Last week I checked out a couple of odd books, and I want something better this week. I am particularly interested in war books. Any recommendations?

*well, it is Wednesday, and I haven't done much on my list. Must get off the computer and get going.


JoyceMcB said...

Speaking of Nursery, I have been called to help in the Nursery - sort of! Bro. Turley came over Friday night and asked me to help out until about Christmas but that they didn't want to call me officially because they want me to go to RS. But when I went to church on Sunday, the Primary thought I had been called officially. On Saturday night Bro. Turley came back over and called me officially to be the Activity Day person (or is it Achievement Day?) Again he said that he would like me to help in the Nursery until Christmas but that he thought I could do the Activity job and still go to RS. Then he mentioned that Sis. Day had also been called to do the Activity Day thing but that she had accepted only if they would NOT release her from the Nursery. (We have 2 nurseries, 4 nursery leaders.) So anyway I feel a little silly. I really don't mind being in the nursery but a part of me would like to go to RS so that I can get acquainted with the women in the ward. I feel a little like an outcast here.

I like your list. Stick to it - especially the "No" thing. Love ya, mom

wendy said...

Wow, mom, that is confusing. So are you teaching in the nursery or teaching Activity Days (girls 8-11 activities) or both? I know nursery isn't exciting, but I think you will do a great job there. I wish I had you here to help in our nursery.