Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Missionary Skype

Søster Barrett called home at about 7:30am on Christmas.

Isn't she cute?

Her Mission President didn't set a limit to how long they could talk, so we had plenty of time together!

Things I loved about the call:
She seems so happy.  She had lots of fun stories to tell.  She still seems like herself.  She is adorable.  She is great at speaking Danish!

She sent a package to us and we opened it with her.  She sent lots of Danish candies and sweet little gifts for each of us.  She also sent a roll of Mustache Tape:

We stuck a piece of tape on the computer screen - doesn't she look terrific!

Hannah and Emily

Sydney giving Hannah a kiss

Hannah giving John a kiss

Love that girl!


Mary said...

I love this so much! How great you could spend Christmas morning together! Yay technology! Who's house was she in during all of that fun? you guys are so great!

wendy said...

Mary - It was such a fun way to spend our Christmas morning. We had plenty of time to visit, but if felt like we were just talking for a few minutes - it went too fast! She was at Inge and Henrik's house - earlier this year she talked about the same couple who gave her a huge coca-cola piggy bank... Henrik was really fun and got in on the Skype call a little bit!