Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Buckle your seat belt - Hannah is behind the wheel!

Yesterday Hannah took the South Dakota "driver's permit" test and passed! The only question she got wrong was: "How far ahead should you turn on your turn signal?" and she answered: "Several blocks ahead!"

No, actually, that is a question that Heather got wrong when she took the driver's permit test (20 years ago.) Why I remember that is a mystery. I lost my purse twice today, but I remember the question my big sister got wrong on her drive-test....

Back to Hannah - she passed the written test, and they printed up her new Instructional Permit, right then and there.

Hannah has 3 months to drive with me before she can be a solo driver. I'm not sure if I'll survive. Today I picked her up from school and she jumped into the driver's seat. I had her drive all around the parking lot at school to warm up. Then she practiced parking and backing up (while I gripped the door handle.) Then we headed out in to the wide world.

We drove through the quiet neighborhood behind our house and she did great. I only had to grab the wheel and swerve to miss a parked car once....

I have a feeling she's going to want to drive to school tomorrow.... Wish me luck!


Deanne said...

Holey moley!!!! I can't imagine any of my kids driving, and frankly it scares me, as it does you. I hope and pray for your safety (and for others on and off the road) as Hannah takes to the road. ;) You'll be a good teacher for her, right? :)

**if i don't see an update on your blog for a very very very long time, then I'll know that the whole driving thing didn't go so well. (kidding!) :) :) :)

Anna said...

I can just picture you guys in the car, and it is making me crack up. Oy, Hannah, a driver! I bet she is a natural. I only hope my kids just want to ride bikes for the rest of their lives.

Mary said...

Yikes! How fun and crazy! I just can't imagine that girl in charge of a whole vehicle - not because she isn't trustworth, but because she is only like 6 years old right?

Have fun driving Hannah!

p.s. I remember you letting me pick you up behind the gym after school with the self-honking Audi when I was only a freshman.

p.p.s. Remember when you almost ran us into a fence?

Mrs.Field's Cookies said...

yay for Hannah, yikes for you!

Anonymous said...

But Wendy what did your parent say when you drove Think About it Doug & Barb