Monday, January 03, 2011

Bald Eagle

When we headed out to the car for school this morning, big fat snowflakes were falling. It was beautiful. We don't seem to get the big snowflakes very often.

By the time we got to school (a couple blocks away) it had stopped snowing. I dropped off the kids at school and decided our neighborhood streets were too messy with the new snow and with the snow from the weekend to try to jog on, so I headed over to Sioux Park to run on the path by Rapid Creek.

As I expected, the walking path had been recently snowplowed! I love how I can count on the path to be clean, even when the roads are a mess! I wonder whose job it is to plow the path?

Just as I was getting warmed up, another walker on the path pointed up and said "An eagle".

It took me a minute to find it up high in the branches of a tree over-looking the river. But there it was. A real live bald eagle. With a white head, dark body, and a yellow beak. I had to stop and watch him a minute to make sure he was real. He turned his head. Real! Cool!

But no camera.

I jogged and walked and waded through some snow for about 30 minutes. And the eagle was still there when I headed back to the car. I think he looked at me.

The woman who pointed out the eagle to me said that he was there yesterday morning, too.

I hope he's there tomorrow.

I'll bring my camera.


Mom said...

I love this post. Have you seen the eagle on any other days?

Mrs.Field's Cookies said...

I am guessing you didnt see the bald eagle the next day... anyways sorry I didnt comment until now. love you!