Monday, February 01, 2010

8 minutes 14 seconds

I'm at the library again, and this time I'm using a computer with a 30 minute limit. I have only 7:44 left. eeek.

I was thinking last night about our move. Again. It's all I think about, really. And though I hate moving, there is one good thing about it:

When you are new somewhere, and bored, and have no friends or commitments or plans, you really get close to your family. It has been so sweet to see the kids growing closer together.

Last night the kids were all playing a game and laughing and talking together. It made me smile.


ps - not that they didn't like each other before...


Mary said...

That really is sweet. You have such a good family! I love you guys!

Mrs.Field's Cookies said...

dido what Mary said!

Jennifer said...

A really good friend of mine has recently said the same thing- that their family has grown so close since they moved from Washington to Illinois. I think it's so great your kids are such good friends! And those friendships with our siblings just continue when we get older, don't they!:0) It's so fun!

Mom said...

Fun blogs Wendy! It's so fun to read what you are doing. I loved watching all the cousins play together at Christmas, and I was amazed at how well your kids got along while they were here after the cousins left - a little bored. I loved listening to the laughter too!
Heather, tell Abby that I did give the notebooks to the Barretts. They were so cute!