Thursday, September 24, 2009

Air Show

Because dancing the night away was not enough Air Force Birthday-Fun, we spent Saturday celebrating at an Air Show with the Air Force Thunderbirds!

I love Air Shows.

The Blue Angels are my first love, but the Thunderbirds put on a great show.

The show was great, but the little man who came and stood too close to me, put me in a bad mood.

He was standing so close that his shoe was touching mine and his elbow was resting on my forearm. He didn't seem to hear or understand me when I mentioned that he was standing too close. If I moved over, he just moved closer.

At one point I said, "Please move. You are standing too close to me. Your camera is bumping my son." He set his giant camera down and seemed to scoot even closer to me. Grrrr.

I later told the story to my friend, Diane, and she said it was a cultural thing. Tourists!

That's too close!

Off we go
Into the Wild Blue Yonder...



Kat said...

We went on Sunday and had a great time.

Amy Tree said...

Wow! you got some good pictures!

Amanda said...

Those are awesome pictures!

So does this mean you are back? Because I have been going through serious Tiki hut withdrawals!

nikko said...

My three year old is loving your Thunderbird pictures. :o) Air Shows are so fun!

Marie said...

The Thunderbirds are heading to Guam next! We are going to go and watch them on Wednesday. The kids are actually getting out of school at 10:15! Ours is open to the public, so they are having areas designated for ID card holders only. Hopefully we won't get too crowded! (:

Anonymous said...

I love air shows to :)
I posted some shots on my flickr
that is if you care to have a peak :)