Monday, July 18, 2005

It is so quiet around here

Hannah and Sydney are visiting Mom and Dad for the next week, and it is strangely peaceful here. I think of Hannah and Sydney as my big helpers, but getting everyone ready for church yesterday was quick and easy even without their help. I wonder if that means that I spend too much time bossing the girls around when I could be getting to work. Hmmmm.

Emily at a Campfire

We spend the last two weeks camping in Hood River, Oregon and Wallowa Lake at a big family reunion. It was so fun to see my sisters and their growing families. We have been away from family so long that we hadn't even met some of those cute little cousins before. The combination of great food, fun games, and late nights chatting made the reunion a success. My favorite family reunion activity was toilet tag. (If you get tagged you must freeze and put out your had like a toilet flusher. You can be unfrozen if someone comes and flushes you.) That was crazy fun. Little Abby is FAST!

Laurie brought knitting patterns for all of us and we worked furiously on our Wonderful Wallaby sweaters. I'm still working on it. I have one sleeve finished and another sleeve ready to increase at the cuff. I'm not sure that I will be able to get the sleeves onto the body without the help of my knitting tutor. But I will try. I am hoping to finish it by the time we bring the girls home from Grammy's house.

1st half of summer = SUPER-DUPER A+
2nd half of summer is here.


texasblu said...

WOW! That is so great! One huge family reunion sounds cool. We've been getting family in little waves all summer... I think we're through for the year though.

Someone taught you to knit? That is cool! My girls are trying very hard to knit themselves some scarves for winter. Sadly, I can't get the knack of it.

Mary said...

El-a-mee is so cute :) What fun we had. I'm excited to see you again soon!

Joyce McBride said...

What a great 2 family reunions we had. I enjoyed seeing all of you girls and families and all the cousins, etc. so much. I hate the thought that the reunions are over and that it might be a long time before I get to see some of you again.

We are having a great time with Hannah and Sydney. They are super helpers. Thanks for lending them to us. Mom

Hannah said...

the family reunion was fun. My favorite thing to do at the reunion was sit around by the campfire and catch marshmellows on fire. I liked playing toilet and link tag.

wendy said...

Hannah, You were a crazy marshmallow fire eater. Did you go swimming today? I miss you!