Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I have been complaining to Nathan that my new dryer isn't working. It has been taking two cycles to dry a load, which makes laundry take forever to finish, and also often leaves damp clothes in the dryer overnight which makes the washcloths have a yucky smell.

When we came back from our trip I noticed an odd smell downstair. I thought maybe it was the bathroom, so I cleaned the toilet. The smell was still there, so I searched for an old diaper hidden somewhere. I couldn't find a diaper, so I started sniffing carpets and closets. I decided the odd smell was a dead animal. We have had mice in the garage, and sure enough there was a dead mouse in the trap, but it was all dried out, and the smell still lingered somewhere in the house.

I got around to washing clothes on Sunday evening. I opened the dryer to move along the clothes and I found the smell. The inside of the dryer smelled awful. There was nothing in the dryer, so we decided something had died in the dryer vent. Our laundry room is in the middle of the house, so the dryer vent goes around the laundry room, under the hall, under Hannah's room, and out the wall.

We called Housing on Monday morning and they sent out a guy to check the vent. He used a coat hanger to dig around in the vent and found this:


He bagged up all the grass and eggs in two Walmart bags. When we opened the vent to check for more, a little bird flew out at him. He did not find anything dead, and said that it was probably the grass.

The dryer worked so much better. I dryed two loads on Monday. But on Tuesday the smell was back. So another guy came with a leaf blower and used it to blow through the vent. There was more grass and lint and finally, a dead bird.

Today (Wednesday) the smell is gone, the dryer is going, and we have a mesh cover over our vent!


Katrine said...

You just reminded me that I have laundry in the dryer. We've found dead rats in our attic before. A truly terrible experience.

hannah said...

eewww! is that why our washcloths are stinky? i miss you a lot mom. tell em and john i love them. give sam a very long hug from me, and give dad a kiss.


wendy said...

Hannah, you are so great! Give Sydney a big hug and nuggle for me! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Wendy, our dryer was doing the same thing. One night I opened the dryer, after 2 cycles, and found wet clothes. I was sure we'd have to buy a new dryer! The next morning I went out to check the mesh, and it had lint so thick it wasn't able to vent properly. Now I check every couple of weeks. So since you now have a mesh covering, watch for lint!
ps give John and Em hugs from us too!

Mary said...

That's disgusting! BLECH! Some of our friends had a similar experience after moving here. The dryer wasn't working, so the husband was reaching into the dryer hose bare handed and as he pulled out handful after handful of old lint, he felt something rather firm and animal-like. He freaked out, put on some gloves, and pulled out 2 dead birds.

Hannah, I hope you guys are having fun in Utah and that you aren't homesick. I'm excited to see you and Syd in a couple of days!