Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tennis 2012

Last night was the end of the season banquet for the High School Girls Tennis Team.  

There are a lot of really fun girls on the team.

This is Sydney with her doubles partner. 

Sydney had a great season

And those skirts are so cute!

This is just her second year playing.

I am amazed by how much she has improved since last year. 

She is a very serious athlete!

Go Syd!


Mary said...

Oh I love Sydney! She's the coolest! I'm impressed with her playing tennis - that's so fun! And those skirts are definitely adorable. GOOOOO SYD!

Erin Field said...

GO Sydney! She is one awesome girl!

Mom said...

(OK that word thing is ticking me off.) But I love Syd, I love her cute skirt, and I love the faces she pulls.