Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Birthday, Sydney!

Sydney just had a birthday!

Can you believe she is 14 years old?

It seems like just a minute ago she was a little baby...

She was a ham even then!

She cracks me up!

She went fishing this fall - what a catch!

 Last week she was in the science fair (she's the one on the left)

And here she is with her Grandpa and her Dad (she's the one in the middle)

And in the rain

And with a dog

And in the air

 Pheasant hunting last year with her dad and dog.

Thumbs up for a great kid!

In honor of her 14th birthday, here are 14 things about Syd:

1 - She is a smarty, but she doesn't flaunt it.

2 - She is really good at doing hair - her own hair and her sisters' hair.  If you need a fancy 'do, ask Sydney!

3 - She is very athletic - she seems to be able to just jump right in and do anything - volleyball, basketball, running, jumping, waterskiing, tennis, dodge ball, pull ups, etc!

4 - She can do hard things, even if she doesn't want to.  This year as part of her calling as Beehive class president, she has had to make a lot of phone calls.  She hates that!  And she will complain about it (oh the wailing and gnashing of teeth) but then get on the phone and do it, with such a sweet voice!  Yay!

5 - She is very organized.  She likes her things to be just so, and sharing a room with a messy sister is a little rough...

6 - Sydney is the same height as me.  5'2"  She wants to be taller...

7 - It is really hard to get Sydney to smile for the camera - she can always sense with the camera is on her and will hide or make a silly face. 

8 - Sydney could drive now.  14 years old is the legal driving age in SD!  It is a little scary to see some of her 8th grade friends driving! I think we are going to wait a while....

9 - Sydney did drive yesterday in the church parking lot with her dad.  Watch out!

10 - Sydney is a great babysitter.  She is totally fun with little kids, but she is also really selective about who she will babysit for.

11 - She will be a high school freshman next year!

12 - Sydney loves fancy fingernails.  She keeps her nails looking lovely all the time, and is really good at painting them.  She has done several of the fancy nails as seen on pinterest -- like the tie-dyed nails and the newsprint fingernails.  So fancy!

13 - She is crafty - she is good with beads and string and paper and paint and the sewing machine.

14 - For Sydney's birthday yesterday, Nathan and I took her out to lunch at Taco Bell (she had less than 30 minutes and TB is close, plus, I heart taco bell).  We were all enjoying our taco's when I suddenly knocked my drink over.  The lid was doing a fine job holding the soda in until I grabbed the cup and popped the lid off.  My diet coke completely covered Sydney's brand new jeans.  And she just went with it.  She laughed about it and didn't get mad at me for ruining her day.  That's just the kind of kid she is -- awesome! (we did take her home to change before going back to school)

Happy Birthday, Syd!


Mary said...

Happy Birthday Sydney! I love that girl! Such a great kid! Syd looks so grown up with her lovely long hair and cute style. I still love to to think of her, though, as that cuddly silly toddler running around.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Sydney can climb a rope. Obviosuly didn't get that from the mcb side of the family. I love the picture of Sydney jumping with the umbrella--looks like she is flying. I wish Sydney was here, I would let her paint me nails and watch my kids, that is how generous I am.
Happy Birthday Syd

Mrs.Field's Cookies said...

Syd is so beautiful! I loved all the pictures of her!
You are one talented girl Sydney!
Happy Birthday! Please don't start driving :/ yikes!

orchard_girl said...

Sydney gets her skills from me! Happy birthday! Wish you lived closer so we could have some cake with you. Love you!

Mom said...

Happy Birthday to Sydney!!! I love all the pictures! And of course, I love that girl!

Anna said...

I loved that sweet little Syd, but she didn't like me when she was small. I am so glad Syd grew out of that!! I can't believe that Sydney would be able to drive there in SD. Yay Sydney

Elle Bee said...

Hi Wendy, just a little friendly blog stalking! :o) I haven't been here in a while and it was fun catching up on all that your sweet family is up to. Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl.
Linda :o)