Saturday, April 16, 2011


Here are a few quick pictures of Hannah and her Prom date, Thor. I just thought mi familia might want to see the pictures quick.

Thor arrived at about 12:30pm to pick Hannah up. He looked rather dashing in his tux!

It took a couple of tries to get the flowers on...

Details of the back of the dress. Hannah and I worked long and hard on this dress. And it turned out so cute! Isn't she adorable!

We were stalking them followed them to StavKirk to take pictures.

I thought that taking pictures at 1:30pm seemed a little early. But about a half hour later the place was packed and there were lines of people waiting to take pictures.

Cute looking bunch of kids!

Hannah and Becca

And it started to rain

Hannah and Molly

Have fun! Be safe! Don't make me stay up too late!


Mary said...

I love all of the pictures. You did a lovely job on that dress! Did you end up waiting till last minute to sew the hem, just in keeping with family tradition? (just kidding mom!)

Hannah is a beauty! I hope it was a fun time!

p.s. Is her date's name really Thor? If so, awesome!

Mrs.Field's Cookies said...

Hannah's dress is totally impressive! woowee! Good job Wendy!

Hannah is beautiful! I hope she had a fun night at the prom.

We know a Thor here. I didn't know it was a common(ish) name.

Anna said...

Hannah looks so beautiful. I love the dress. Hannah is so grown up.

Mom said...

Wow, Hannah is beautiful! And Thor looked nice! The dress job was fantastic - I love the lace up the back detail. Way to go Wendy.
Your dad was impressed also - and said how much he loves Hannah. . . and the dress.

Sydney said...

Mary - real name! Too bad you're not having a boy... Thoretta? Rhymes with Noretta!

She had a lot of fun - came home happy. She wore the dress to church today and looked lovely!

wendy said...

Shucks! That was me! Not Sydney!

Steph said...

Very impressed with the McBride sewing skills. Hannah's dress is beautiful!
I went to high school with a boy named Thor! (Also a boy named Eo...and a girl named Barbie Dahl). :)

orchard_girl said...

Wendy, Hannah's dress is amazing and Hannah is beautiful.

Deanne said...

Love the dress! Totally impressed (and humbled) with your mad sewing skills (or shall I say 'skilz'?) :)

Kimberly and Brian said...

She looked beautiful! Great job on the dress,